Chris Gibbons Design Technologist

What do I use?

Sometimes I get asked what ‘what make is that’, ‘where did you get that from’ or just what tools etc. I use day to day, and after reading the uses page of at Wes Bos’ site I thought I’d shamelessly copy the format :)

In no particular order, here are the things/tools/etc. that get me through life.

Editor + Terminal

Currently using VS Code , yes I have tried Sublime , Atom et al. but I keep finding myself heading back to VS Code. I love the speed of it, I love the extensions, but overall after 8+ years of using the grown up Visual Studio it feels very familiar.

Until recently (the last 3 or so years) I’ve never really done things via the command line, however I now use iTerm2 with Oh My ZSH


  • Miro - who doesn’t, right?
  • Spotify
  • Github Desktop
  • Evernote, though I’m slowly trying to move over to Notion.
  • Lightroom
  • Chrome or Brave
  • TweetDeck Twitter sucks, I'm moving away from it slowly.
  • DropBox

Desk Setup

I’m yet to find a desk I truly love—either to buy or to build—so in the meantime I have the IKEA Malm desk with pull out panel which, I have to say, I am super impressed with.

I sit on an IKEA MARKUS which I was lucky enough to get free in an office clearance.

The other chair in my office is the iconic IKEA POÄNG this is my ‘go-to’ for relaxing/reading/playing video games.

Other gear


I’ve finally got back into the world of console gaming and now have a Sony PlayStation 5 .

Given the fact I’ve not been in the gaming arena for quite a few years I have quite an exhaustive back catalogue of games to get through.

Due to the fact that I have a 4hr commute (~2hrs each way) I like to keep a charge on me all the time, enter the Anker PowerCore 20100 it suits my requirements to the ground, gives me numerous charges for my various devices and weighs pretty much nothing.

Keeping on the commute subject, I try to dip into reading when I can -- or when I get motivated _- so the obvious choice, aside from physical books, was to get an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


Coffee has become an integral part of my day, not just because _caffeine_ but because I really enjoy it.

My current kit consists of:

With my coffee choices varying, but usually from either ManCoCo or Atkinsons .


Currently rocking the Nock Brasstown pencil case. It’s amazing. It wasn’t cheap -- as I had to get it imported, then had to pay import duty on it :( -- but it’s totally worth it, and always gets noticed.

I love to write in the superb Leuchtturm 1917 notepads. I used to use Moleskines , but the Leuchtturm has fainter lines on the paper, which I like.

I write with either Pilot G-tec C4 or the Muji gel ink pens though my ultimate goal is a Mont Blanc


I also have the Thule Blur2 but I’m not entirely satisfied with it. It replaced my old The North Face but has never felt as good as it.


In 2017 I traded in my Canon 40D for a pre-owned Fuji X-T1

Current lenses:

My pictures can currently be seen over at:


I’m pretty agnostic when it comes to devices. Over the years I’ve had all the main players, my current phone is the iPhone 8+

Finally, if I’ve missed anything off the list, or you’d like to find out more about anything about then please drop me a line