UX Engineer Chris Gibbons

Hello hello.

I’m Chris Gibbons, an experienced frontend developer based in Lancashire, UK.

I build fast, user friendly and accessible websites for the automotive industry, with a particular passion/obsession for well written & clean code.

I’ve got over a decades experience as a front end developer and have recently found a passion for UX and accessibility. My career has been spent working for some of the top businesses—both agency and in-house—in Manchester. During this time I have been fortunate to have the chance to work on large scale, content-managed platforms for some of the largest companies in the UK.

I also like to write and take pictures amongst other things.


Moving To Hugo

If I was to look at the internet archive wayback machine I could hand on heart say I’ve never had a personal website I’ve ever really been happy with. I’m not a designer, and I’m fine with that. Aside from that I’ve never really found a platform that I gel with. I had static html and I liked it, but with all developers I didn’t like the manual process of FTP’ing to a server, along with maintaining links, URL’s etc.

15th August 2017

Latest notes

Today I Learnt

As hard and fast as modern life is, I think that it’s important to take time out of your schedule and make sure that you keep regular contact with friends. I like to think that I’m better than most at this. I do overthink the reasons why people don’t reciprocate this, but hey. People.

2nd August 2017

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