What I’m doing now

Life is a hectic affair; To help keep me sane and to give me some guidance, these are my current areas of focus:


Improving my photography, with my new(ish) toy


  • Continuing to promote and improve both of the guilds I’ve setup – the IDG & the FE guild
  • Devoting time out to meetup regularly with my mentor(s) for a coffee
  • Making a better effort to attend more local industry events & meetups such as NUX, as well as the great events being run within Auto Trader


Taking part in GoodRead’s reading challenge.

This site

Tweaking, improving, and growing my online home.


Build both my photography, and my bucket list sites.

Hopes, dreams and ambitions

Keeping my dream of going to Australia alive.

Inspired by Derik Sivers Now page, via Marc Jenkins Now page, amongst others.