Chris Gibbons Design Technologist

Design Technologist, Principal Eng , Engineering Practice Lead, Front-End Developer, Amateur cyclist, Photography enthusiast, Wanna be writer and Occasional baker.

Chris Gibbons (that’s me!) is an experienced and passionate digital developer based in Lancashire [53° 48’ 57.1824” N, 3° 3’ 19.0476” W], UK, specialising in the “lost art” of traditional front-end development practises.

Sitting somewhere in the murky waters between design, front-end & back-end engineering, I strongly advocate for the use of design systems and spend large parts of my time rambling on about the use of “proper semantics” and shouting at clouds, all to help feed a long time obsession for well written, semantic & accessible code, to help deliver cross-device, compliant, usable websites which are accessible & inclusive.

My career has been spent working for some of the biggest names—both agency and in-house—in Manchester. During this time I have been fortunate to have the chance to work on large scale, content-managed platforms for some of the largest companies in the UK.

In my spare time I’m a new convert to cycling, occasionally write, and try to take nice pictures.

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