Working redesign

I've never truly been happy with my site, it's always been in a state of redesign, typical for a UI dev, eh?!

After installing Jekyll early last year I finally felt that I had the beginnings of something I was beginning to like and actually enjoy using.

Fast forward a year and I find myself back at the beginning, albeit with a platform I'm still happy with.

And so begins a new re-design/re-align.

I'm going to try and run it in a more Agile way, using the process of an MVP and iteratively building and adding to things.

To get going with Jekyll, and to get something live, I decided to go with the Hyde template until I got time to do something bespoke, and now that time has arrived...

A lot of the new work is going to be done in the browser, and in all honesty will be a little trial & error!

I've already made progress, stripping back lots of the sass and POSH.

Mobile needs a little love, as does making it more responsive, but reassured, it is on the way.

Please feel free to poke around the code over at the repos, as well as reporting any bugs etc.

-- Chris.

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