Workflow happiness

Over the last couple of weeks I've had similar conversations with a few colleague & friends with regards website CMS' systems and workflows, which in turn lead me to reflect on my current setup.

After looking at various CMS platforms, recently and over the past few years, the choice is staggering. Ranging from simple to the ridiculous, it is scary how many of these platforms can confuse and overwhelm the users, to the point where they actually fear using it.

Now I know that I've waxed lyrical about Jekyll, but for my need, and the purpose of this site -- in it's current guise, it totally fits the bill.


No DB.

For me, this is priceless as it means I can -- hopefully -- concentrate on what matters most to me, without the associated bullshit.

The fact I can write a simple blog post, then simply commit and push to a GIT repo, and have it live within seconds, is incredible.

The fact that I can have a new site up and running, albeit vanilla styled, fully source controlled and live in a such a small amount of time (and I know as i'm in the process of releasing a new site) is the metaphorical cherry on top.

I know that this solution won't suit everyone's needs, but it does for me, and for that reason, my hat is well and truly dothed in the direction of the wonderful folk over at GitHub.

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