The 30 day writing challenge

I've known for a while that writing was going to be important to me this year, but as with all best laid plans...

I started of on a really good footing, I quite quickly managed to rattle of more posts in a single month than I'd managed in the 5+ previous years of trying. Then things slowed down. Life kind of took over. Whilst not exactly losing interest in blogging, or writing -- as I've managed to make quite a healthy list of things I wish to write about -- more I lost the initial discipline that I'd been under.

And then quite accidently I stumbled upon a tweet from the amazing Ashley Baxter regarding a '30 day writing challenge' from the extremely affable chap Marc Jenkins. Now given that I follow both of these folk on Twitter I was surprised that I'd missed the initial announcement, but hey, a quick tweet later to Marc and suddenly I was onboard.

I think the next feeling that passed, after the self gratifying thought that I'd managed to almost blag my way on, was 'FUCK, WHAT HAVE I DONE'. After a little reflection, reading Marc's blog posts, and having a chat on Slack, I realised that I could do this, but more importantly I wanted to do it.

And with that here are my goals for the next 30 days:

  • To write for at least 30 minutes per day
  • To have at least 10 posts published in April

Obviously these are only targets, in reality I know that I can be quite hard on myself so will inevitably want to smash them.

Lets go!

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