Moving To Hugo

If I was to look at the internet archive wayback machine I could hand on heart say I've never had a personal website I've ever really been happy with.

I'm not a designer, and I'm fine with that. Aside from that I've never really found a platform that I gel with. I had static html and I liked it, but with all developers I didn't like the manual process of FTP'ing to a server, along with maintaining links, URL's etc. So I did nothing.

Enter the wonderful world of Static Site Generators, this changed the way I thought about my personal online presence.


I tried a couple of SSG but always found the barrier of entry much lower for Jekyll. I had a Mac, it had Ruby, so far so good. The docs are pretty comprehensive and there's a raft of templates ready to use.


There was no real need to move away from Jekyll, only my own desire to play with new software, well that and I was starting to find Jekyll getting slower.

The one thing I can say is that the learning curve for Hugo is a lot steeper, but boy is it worth the investment.

It's super fast.


My aim is to document my journey onto Hugo, in the meantime drop me a line with any questions and I'll do my best to answer any questions.

I also want to get a decent asset pipeline in place so I can start to implement some nice FE workflow tools -- Gulp et al -- to enable me to make more rapid changes to the look and feel.

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