I can't pinpoint exactly when, but I've come to the realisation that the daily routine I've worked so hard to build is broken.

After a coffee & chinwag with my good friend Dan Furze, it seems that it's not just me, which is always reassuring.

I'm aware that everyone has natural peaks and troughs in life - hell I've had enough myself - but recently it's felt like I've been unable to climb out of this one.

The start of the year was incredibly productive and my motivation was super high, I was doing all the things I'd been trying to get myself to do for years, but in the last few weeks and months my blogging has slowed; My reading has all but stopped; My plans and learning has also taken a hit.

I'd hit the wall.

Going over things with someone else is different to the voice in your head

Now this may sound like an obvious thing, but when you say things out loud -- and i'm not suggesting that we all start talking audibly to ourselves -- but when you start to say things and you get actual real feedback, then you can really start to formulate a plan.

The person/people you're talking to may have personal anecdotes which may help, or they could suggest tools or products which right away turn that lightbulb on.

This happened. Today (well, yesterday to be precise).

Dan suggested following his and Front end Phil's lead and create [Trello] boards and make the appropriate one's public.

This is such a simple, yet mind-blowingly brilliant suggestion.

Public sharing

In the spirit of things I've got this post written up, and have already started with the boards.

Public Trello boards

Half finished posts

  • What the FUX
  • The art of side projects
  • Meetups
  • Vacation


The final thing we settled on was a pact. A pact of support for each other, one where we motivate and help when either is feeling at a particular low ebb, or just in need of a kick.

For this, I can't thank Dan enough.

We also agreed to shame each other as punishment -- well maybe not that bad, but the threat of a tweet, or blog post should be enough of a gee up.

Dan has already made a start on this, so I suggest you head over to his blog and get reading. There is some awesome content on there already and I for one can't wait to see what else he writes this year.

Also, for posterity here is the tweet that started it all.

Here's to a prosperous end of the year!

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