Australia: Part 2: Melbourne

Part 2: Melbourne

We landed in Melbourne shortly after 20:30 on Tuesday evening.

The flight(s) hadn't been too bad. Having left Gatwick at 10:30 the previous morning, the Norwegian Air flight to Singapore was great, it was moderately comfy, the inflight entertainment was good (mention films watched.) We had a short layover in Singapore, not enough to venture out of the airport, but enought to baulk at the prices of beer - Monzo tells me that 2 beers cost £22.xx.

Up next was the 'shorter' 7hr flight into Melbourne itself. This one wasn't as comfy as the previous, but it was within our strict-ish budget. After passing through immigration and hopping on the quite frankly pretty bloody amazing Skybus, it meant that we'd hit the CBD in time to check-in at the hostel and a little time to scout for some food before bedding down.

We'd decided to base ourselves at Flinders as we only needed accomodation for a few nights due to us having a campervan rental for our roadtrip on the Great Ocean Road. It was a perfect location for us, close to Flinders Street Station, Federation Square and beyond.

Day one

As expected, I overslept.

When we checked-in there had been a slight mix up and my travelling friend & I had been put in a different dorms, this wasn't a massive issue, but it meant that we had to rely on the extremely patchy mobile signal (or even patchier WiFi) to keep in touch. He'd tried to call me numerous times, but I'd missed them due to my deep slumber.

We eventually met up and went for a wander to get some fresh air and get adjusted to Australia.

We walked out of the hostel and I remember my first feeling being something akin to "WTF"...

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