Australia: Part 1: The plan & the dream

The plan & the dream

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to go to Australia. Now some folks don't understand my desire to go, but it's something deep rooted in me that I have to go.

Looking back, I think it stems from having an "Auntie Joan who lives in Australia". As a child it was amazing to hear stories of this far off land, and being a child of the 80's back then it really was a far away place.

I also put a large part of the blame on Sir Michael Palin and his dazzling array of travel programmes, "Full Circle with Michael Palin" being the main culprit, with special reference to Episode Six: Australia/New Zealand

Dreams can come true?

On 1st October 2018 I finally got the chance to head out there and put my years of dreaming into action.

As with most trips it needed some planning. I was going to be travelling with an old school friend - who I've known pretty much all my life. He was to be spending 6 weeks out there, but for the first two weeks we'd be travel buddies, and I was seriously excited about it.

After a purchase of some Lonely planet guides we started to trade ideas. We shared many blog posts that we'd read & gleaned ideas from (all of which I'll share in a later post), and eventually settled on the following itinerary, and whilst it might not be perfect for everyone it mostly fitted what we wanted to achieve pretty well.


Travel - outward

  • Sunday (30/10/18) - Train from Preston to Euston. Meet at KX.
  • Monday (01/11/18) - Early train to Gatwick. Flights.
  • Tuesday (02/11/18) - Arrive in Melbourne, checkin at hostel


  • Day 1: Wednesday (03/11/18) - Melbourne
  • Day 2: Thursday (04/11/18) - Collect campervan and start Great Ocean Road
  • Day 3: Friday (05/11/18) - Great Ocean Road
  • Day 4: Saturday (06/11/18) - Great Ocean Road
  • Day 5: Sunday (07/11/18) - Great Ocean Road
  • Day 6: Monday (08/11/18) - Drop campervan (am); Back to CBD check-in then St. Kilda (pm)
  • Day 7: Tuesday (09/11/18) - Early flight to Sydney, head to Bondi
  • Day 8: Wednesday (10/11/18) - Sydney
  • Day 9: Thursday (11/11/18) - Sydney
  • Day 10: Friday (12/11/18) - Sydney
  • Day 11: Saturday (13/11/18) - Sydney
  • Day 12: Sunday (14/11/18) - Sydney
  • Day 13: Monday (15/11/18) - Sydney
  • Day 14: Tuesday (16/11/18) - Sydney (am); Airport (pm)

Travel - home

  • Day 14: Tuesday (17/11/18) - Flight from Sydney
  • Day 15: Wednesday (18/11/18) - Arrive Manchester (am)

As you can seen we planned on cramming plenty in, it helps that neither of us is shy when it comes to walking and exploring. With hindsight I guess my only regret is not spending a little more time in Melbourne, but there will be time for that in the future. I'll make damn sure of that!

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