2018 Preview

My initial thought, on the face of it, is that 2018 promises a lot.

I'm working hard on getting that 'principal' moniker in my title; It's something to strive for, even though I'm not looking for something to hang my hat off. Coupled with that is looking at running some form of external workshop - accessibility related - and hopefully speaking at a conference and/or meet up(s)

Goals for 2018

  • Principal FE promotion
  • Take at least one holiday, either in the UK or abroad
  • Write more: Aim to publish at least 6 main blog posts in the year, as well as 12 shorter posts in the 'latest notes' section
  • Speak at at least one of the following: a local (Manchester) meetup, speak at a (UK) meetup, or speak at a conference
  • Keep my website up to date
  • Start my bucket list website

And with that thank you, 2017, you've been a blast, here's to 2018.

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