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Chris Gibbons — Front end developer & UX technologist based in Blackpool // Manchester — Upcoming Blog Post Ideas

Upcoming Blog Post Ideas

Sat, Jun 16, 2018
My hope is that this page will serve as an ongoing scratchpad for future blog posts ideas. I have a few ideas for blog posts, some contencious, others more my own folly. I’d love to get peoples feedback on some of the topics mentioned below; I also intend to link to draft posts with the aim of getting constructive feedback during the writing process. Initial topics include: Fullstack: The Myth and the Bullshit End of year – 2017 – review Goals and plans for 2018 Accessibility at Auto Trader Breaking into public speaking Digital detox - My “dry” january Benefits of having a mentor, or being a mentor Conference round ups: Camp Digital and UX Scotland Designing, and building, in the open.